U.K. Launches 'Cookie Law'

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 28 May 2012 14:49

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In a nice step forward for internet privacy on the cookie-tracking front, the U.K. and several other E.U. states have launched "Cookies Laws" which require websites to make it more clear what kind of tracking their cookies will be doing, and to get consent to plant those cookies. This comes after the E.U. enacted legislation that required many European states to step up their game in this regard. Because stripping out automatic cookies from a website is a very difficult thing to do, it took them quite a while to do it.

The law also targets non-cookie tracking, like analytics and other methods used by advertisers. Around 40% of tracking is done without cookies, so it requires a bit of work in order to make your website compliant with these new laws. Most websites still aren't compliant with these laws, and the U.K. government has been chasing around 50 or so top websites to make examples out of them. The Information Commissioner's Office has been given the power to fine up to 500,000 pounds ($783850 USD according to Google) for violations of these new laws. 

For a great list of FAQ's and answers about what these new laws are and how they affect you, head on over here

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