Intel Looking to the Future with 7nm and 5nm Research and Development

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 14 May 2012 10:41

Intel Lithography Roadmap

Ivy Bridge just barely came out, and Intel has already announced what they're working on next. If you didn't know, Ivy Bridge uses a 22nm lithography, which is ridiculously small. The next major processor series that Intel will release will be a 14nm chip, and that's going to happen next year. From 2015 to beyond, we're going to see 10nm, 7nm, and as small as 5nm chips on the market.

In order to make processors with a smaller lithography, Intel has to re-fit its fabrication plants to support it. Fabrication plants in Arizona, Oregon, and Ireland will be re-fitted to support 14nm production. Intel also plans on updating plants in Arizona (a different plant than the one that will be re-fitted), Oregon (a different one than the one that will be re-fitted), and Israel to support 22nm production. 

Intel Fabrication Plant Roadmap

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