Google Found Guilty of Copyright Infringement over Oracle's Java APIs

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 07 May 2012 16:45

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For almost the past month, Google and Oracle have been going at it in court over whether or not Google infringed on Oracle's Java copyrights. Well, the jury is in, and it turns out Google is indeed guilty of copyright infringement for using Java APIs in Android. The part that's going to keep this story in the news, though, is that the jury couldn't come to a consensus over whether or not Google applied with the "fair use" rules when using Java APIs. Because of the indecision, Google is asking for a mistrial.

A spokesman for Google named Jim Prosser, said,

"We appreciate the jury's efforts, and know that fair use and infringement are two sides of the same coin. The core issue is whether the APIs here are copyrightable, and that's for the court to decide. We expect to prevail on this issue and Oracle's other claims."

From the looks of things, it's not like Oracle wants Android to not exist anymore. In fact, they're probably happy it's so popular. What Oracle does want is a cut of the profit. If they can prove Google infringed on Oracle's patents in an illegal way, Google will be forced to give Oracle quite a bit of cash. How much is still to be determined by the court, if the trial gets that far. With millions upon millions of Android phones being activated daily for the past couple years. you can imagine how much money Oracle will be due for damages.  You can read more about the trial here and here.