Micron Announces Working DDR4 DRAM Module

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 07 May 2012 16:22

Micron Logo

Today Micron announced the first fully-working DDR4 DRAM module. Based on Micron's 30-nanometer technology, DDR4 memory is expected to bode well in tablets and ultrathin because of its low-power-usage to performance ratio. While mass production hasn't quite started, Micron has already been sending out samples to partners in the industry. They've developed DDR4 to the point where their samples use the die that they plan on using in mass-production.

Brian Shirley, vice president of Micron's DRAM Solutions Group, said,

"With the JEDEC definition for DDR4 very near finalization, we've put significant effort into ensuring that our first DDR4 product is as JEDEC-compatible as it can be at this final stage of its development. We've provided samples to key partners in the market place with confidence that the die we give them now is the same die we will take into mass production."

If you aren't familiar with JEDEC, the acronym stands for the Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council. They basically make the standards for memory, so that any company who wants to brand a memory with, say, DDR3, can come to JEDEC and get their approval to label their memory DDR3. You can read more about the JEDEC here, and more about the JEDEC memory standards here.

Production isn't expected to start until Q4 2012, and we should start to see DDR4 memory out in 2013. Because the DDR4 standard isn't quite out yet, Micron is waiting so they can match their new memory with DDR4 standards. After all that happens, mass production will start. You can read the press release here.