Hulu May No Longer Be a Replacement for Cable TV

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 01 May 2012 16:04

Hulu Logo

For the past few years, online TV-streaming website Hulu has enabled people to watch all of their TV shows without a requirement that you had to be paying for cable. With other services like Amazon Prime and Netflix, the need for cable is almost nonexistent. This leads to a problem for TV providers like Comcast, who have seen a drop in cable subscribers as more and more people move over to web-based entertainment. This is where the trouble started. Since 2009, Hulu has been in the talks with different companies about requiring anyone who uses their website to prove that they're paying for cable TV.

According to TechCrunch, who has sources near Hulu, any requirement like this is still years off. They'd need to come up with fool-proof methods so that verification would work across all the different cable providers. It seems like Hulu is hesitant to do this (as it will probably be the end of the website), but as they're owned by News Corp. (who owns Fox), Disney, Comcast, and Providence, they really don't much all that much of a choice. 

The big question here is whether or not people will keep using Hulu if this requirement is put in place. While it's handy to have access to past episodes and to have the ability to watch them at your leisure, cable is quite expensive and not everyone can even afford it. Comcast's "Basic Cable" offering is $25/month for the suburbs of Chicago, and Cox's "Economy" is $35/month for the suburbs of Phoenix. $300 and $420 per year is a lot more than nothing per year, or even a lot more than $95.88 per year for Hulu Plus. 

If you don't subscribe to cable now and are a big user of Hulu, would this change get you to subscribe to cable? Or perhaps would you turn to more.. devious methods of getting your TV entertainment? You can more about the story here