Windows 8 Release Preview Release Date Set

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 24 April 2012 15:49

Windows 8 Release Preview Date Image

It's getting closer and closer to the release of Windows 8, and now Microsoft has set up a release preview time-period, meaning that we might see the final product on store shelves as soon as July, if not sooner. At a recent Japanese tech conference, Microsoft unveiled that the Windows 8 Release Preview will be made available in the first week of June. If you aren't familiar with how all of Windows' previews works, basically all previews you've used up to now have been betas. They're unfinished products that don't perfectly reflect the final product. The release preview, however, will be the just about final code shipped to stores unless any major bugs are found. 

Personally, I'm really excited for the release. Not so much because I'm excited to use Windows 8, but because I'm excited to see how it does. With this big of a change, it will probably be super popular, or it will flop. If it does flop, however, Windows 7 is a fantastic OS to fall back on. 

The news broke when Microsoft uploaded a picture to their @BuildWindows8 Twitter account and said that "Announce...Windows 8 Release Preview first week of June. Here's the announce from Japan's Windows 8 Dev Days #thankyou." The image above was the announcement they refer to.