Microsoft SkyDrive Decreasing Storage Size, Offers to Grandfather-in Users

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 23 April 2012 21:35

SkyDrive Logo

The changes Microsoft made the other day to SkyDrive weren't the only ones that Microsoft had in store. Microsoft recently made quite a few bigger ones, such as decreasing the storage limit from 25GB to 7GB, and making a desktop client akin to Dropbox's client. If you already have a DropBox account, your account might be downsized from 25GB to 7GB. For users with older accounts (I'm not sure, but I'm thinking any account made before this change will work), they are allowing you to "Claim your 25GB" for free for a limited time.

There's no time to waste, you need to claim your 25GB. If your account was filled up with stuff, Microsoft may have already upgraded you. It's best to make sure it's claimed, though, so head on over to, log in, and you should see a link right on the front page to claim it. It just takes a click of a button to claim it, and it looks like you'll be able to keep it for the life of your account.

Now that that's out of the way, what's this desktop client all about? Well, it's basically a folder on your computer that will be synced with SkyDrive. Say you have a laptop and a desktop with this installed on both. What you put it one folder will appear in the folder on the other computer. There are also apps for smartphones that allow you to access your files online, or you can go through your phone's browser. It also looks like there's some sort of way to remotely access any file stored on your computer, just in case you forgot to put it in the synced folder. 

You can read a FAQ with more information about all of this here. Again, head on over to to claim your 25GB before it's too late. If you're wondering, the file-size limit is 2GB for SkyDrive. Not bad, actually, especially for a totally free service. Download the desktop application (for both Windows and OS X) here