AMD's 'Trinity' and 'Brazos' Already Shipping

Written by John Ponio    Friday, 20 April 2012 13:40

AMD Logo

AMD has recently announced that their Trinity APU and Brazos platform have been shipping since last quarter, so they should start popping up in stores soon. According to their tests, Trinity, which is the A-series APU, nearly doubles the per-watt performance of the previous generation of A-series APUs, which is quite astounding. Not that they were that powerful compared to, say, an Intel Core processor, but for their power usage they were quite good. If they've doubled that, that's amazing. Brazos, which is AMD's new mobile platform, is promised to improve performance as well as battery life in entry-level products. You can read the full announcement here. There weren't any release dates for products using the new platform and APU, but they should be out soon.