Love Ultrabooks, but Hate the Price? Intel May Ease Your Concerns

Written by John Ponio    Wednesday, 11 April 2012 18:24

Intel Logo

Ultrabooks, the wonderful thin and light but still powerful laptops, have been out for quite some time. I don't see why anyone wouldn't want one, based on their portability-to-power ratio. However, of the few problems with them is their price. Currently they go for over $800, regularly around $1000. Intel recently said that prices may drop by back-to-school time, and it should bring their price into the range of other mid-range laptops.

By the back-to-school season, Intel said that they expected prices to drop down to around $700. While this isn't quite the $499 predicted by Acer's CEO, it isn't 2013 yet. With the drop in price, Intel also announced that there are 75 new ultrabook models in development. The new ultrabooks are expected to come with enhanced features like keyboards that fold away so it turns into a tablet. Windows 8 is also expected to be on the specifications list for many of the new ultrabooks, depending on when Windows 8 is launched.

I think it's great that Intel is pushing this ultrabook idea so hard. With Intel's new multi-million dollar marketing campaign for ultrabooks, hopefully they'll gracefully ease into the market while prices drop. Honestly the only thing keeping me from getting one is the price, but Intel seems to be hard at work driving the price down. If the prices really do drop to $500, how many of you would switch over?