IDC Reports HDD Supply Will Return to Pre-Flood Levels, Prices Will Stay High

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 03 April 2012 14:36

Hard Drive

The IDC recently released a report that lays out their projections for the whole hard drive debacle. Since the flooding in Thailand last October, hard drive prices have soared while supply plummeted. Nowadays, a 1TB HDD costs around $100. According to the report, the HDD supply is increasing to pre-flood levels, but the prices are projected to stay the same, for at least a while.

John Rydning, who is the research vice president for Hard Disk Drives at IDC, said,

"In many respects, the hard disk drive industry has collectively hit the 'reset' button," said John Rydning, research vice president. A reset of the HDD industry structure should allow for the remaining HDD industry participants to slowly reduce HDD prices from current levels at a rate that still delivers value to customers, while at the same time ensuring sufficient funding is available to develop new HDD technologies that are needed to improve HDD capacity, performance, reliability, power consumption, and security. Still, long-term revenue growth will only be realized if the remaining participants transform into storage device and storage solution suppliers with a broad range of products for a wide variety of markets."

If you want to read a large report that talks about the projections for 2012-2016, head on over here. For a short report on the hard drives prices and why they're expected to stay at the same price, head on over here