LG Starts Manufacturing Flexible, Plastic E-Ink Display

Written by John Ponio    Friday, 30 March 2012 15:40

LG Flexible E-Ink Display

For a while now, at various trade shows, we've seen flexible OLED displays. A flexible display is exactly that: a display that you can bend while the display keeps displaying what it displays. Researchers have been trying for years to find out how to bring that flexibility to E-Ink displays, but there haven't been many breakthroughs until now, apparently. LG has started manufacturing a flexible E-Ink display, and we should expect to see these on the market relatively quickly.

One of the big problems with current-generation E-Ink displays that are used in E-readers is that they're fragile. The glass is easily broken or scratched. Another big problem is that they're thick and heavy, meaning the sizes of E-readers have limitations on how small they can be. What this new display from LG will do is put a plastic and more flexible display on E-readers. This will allow them to be more rugged, less prone to scratching, and be much thinner and lighter. Another big (rumored) part of this breakthrough is that LG is using their existing TFT display manufacturing facilities, which makes the displays much cheaper for everyone involved.

Like I said above, these displays should start rolling out at the beginning of next month in Europe, and hopefully soon after that we'll see them in the US. You can read more about the display here.