Gainward Announces Overclocked, Silent, and Cool GeForce GTX 680

Written by John Ponio    Friday, 30 March 2012 15:23

Gainward Phantom GeForce GTX 680

Gainward, a company that's been making video cards for quite a few years, has recently announced an overclocked, silent, and cool GeForce GTX 680, namely the Phantom II. Because of the special cooling, they can overclock the card. The performance is actually pretty good, according to their own reports. 

From a base clock rate of 1084MHz that the GTX 680 regularly has, Gainward has overclocked it to 1150MHz. The 2GB of DDR5 has a clockspeed of 3150MHz. To cool the card, copper heat pipes take the heat to an aluminum heatsink, and those are blown cool by two 8cm PWM fans (GR8). The card itself supports up to four monitors at the same time, and comes with dual DVI ports, an HDMI port, and a DisplayPort port. 

There's no word on a launch price, but you can probably expect it to be priced slightly above the $500 that the regular GeForce GTX 680 costs. As for a launch date, Fudzilla's review of this card says the expected release date is the middle of next month. You can read the promotional details about the Phantom II here and see the product page here