Google I/O Sells Out in 20 Minutes

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 27 March 2012 16:24

Google I/O 2012 Logo

Google I/O, a conference put on by Google for them to debut what they've been cooking up, is usually sold out in less than a day. Last year, it took and hour for tickets to sell out. Today? They were sold out of tickets in 20 minutes. Some people weren't so happy with this, as the tickets weren't sold as advertised, apparently. There were many comments saying that the tickets weren't sold on a first-come, first serve basis even though that's how Google advertised the sale would be. One comment read:

I don't want to sound like a crack pot conspiracy person, but were the tickets truly first come first serve? I tried 3 times at 7AM, 7:04, and 7:08 with no luck. My buddy tries at 7:10 for the first time and gets one. How is a company that brags about being instant not able to develop a proper queuing system?

Google I/O

The event is behind held on June 27-29 in San Francisco. Because the tickets sold out so fast, leaving many disappointed, Vic Gundotra of Google announced that they are going to do a few different things with it:

  1. Keynote will be streamed live
  2. All key sessions will be streamed live
  3. All session videos will be available after 24 hours
  4. Google I/O Extended viewing parties will be happening all over the world
If you want to learn more about Google I/O, you can read the FAQ here and view the official website here