Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix Now Available

Written by John Ponio    Friday, 09 March 2012 14:18

Raspberry Pi Logo

So your Raspberry Pi is getting shipped soon. We're all excited for it. But when you get it, what is there to do? It's not like you can just throw a copy of Windows on it and go about your life. Well, thanks to the wonderful open-source community, Fedora, a Linux-based operating system, has been modified to run on this computer. And they've made it pretty easy to install, as well. All you need to do it is the installer files and an SD card. The installer will automatically set up your SD card for the install, and from there you can go on and do pretty much whatever you like. The kernel it uses, complete with support for all the hardware on the device, is the Raspberry Pi 3.1.9 kernel from Git Hub. The installer files from the SD card include:

  • Programming languages: python, perl, ruby, bash
  • Version control: git
  • System administration tools (command line and/or graphical) for configuring various aspects of the system including the network, date/time, users, and printers
  • Command-line and graphical tools for installing/removing/updating software
  • ssh (secure remote login) and printer services
  • Graphical applications: word processing (AbiWord), spreadsheets (Gnumeric), image editing (GIMP), and web browsing (Firefox)
  • Editors for programming: vim (text mode) and gedit with plugins for file management, terminal, and python console (graphical mode)
If you want to prepare to install it, go here for download links and instructions,