Linux Foundation Gains NVIDIA as an Official Member

Written by John Ponio    Thursday, 08 March 2012 14:25


The Linux Foundation, a group of major tech companies like Intel and AMD dedicated to the growth and support of Linux operating systems, has gained a new member: NVIDIA. This is a great thing for the foundation because all NVIDIA drivers in the past have relied upon reverse engineering, but now drivers from NVIDIA can take center stage to boost performance. While the announcement didn't say that the drivers will be open source, one can only hope. Scott Pritchett, who is Nvidia's vice president of Linux platform software, said, "Membership in The Linux Foundation will accelerate our collaboration with the organizations and individuals instrumental in shaping the future of Linux, enabling a great experience for users and developers of Linux." This can only mean good things for the future of Linux, because with better driver support comes better performance, and with better performance comes more features.