Incorrect Ethernet Jack Leads to Delay in Raspberry Pi Shipment

Written by John Ponio    Thursday, 08 March 2012 14:16

Raspberry Pi Good and Bad Ethernet Jacks

A problem in the manufacturing stage is the reason why you haven't received your Raspberry Pi yet. Apparently they got the wrong jack for the ethernet port. The problem is that the jacks they had stocked did not have integrated magnetics, which means no network connection. Luckily it's a simple fix for now, as the manufacturer just has to desolder the wrong jacks and solder on the correct jacks. The problem in the long run is that they have to go through the entire process of hunting down a supplier, bidding, shipping, and all that's involved with that. The good news is that they have teams working on it and are getting closer to having that process completed. The working products that everyone ordered will be shipping soon. You can read a more detailed report (with X-rays!) of the problem here