Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7 3770K Gets Benchmarked

Written by John Ponio    Wednesday, 07 March 2012 13:57

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The guys over at AnandTech recently got to play with an Ivy Bridge system and were able to completely quite a number of benchmarks. The Core i7 3770K was the processor they tested, and it's looking good for Ivy Bridge. It looks to be a 5-15% CPU performance increase, according to Anand Lai Shimpi (who did the tests). It still doesn't compete with AMD's Llano offering in the GPU performance area, though, but the new Intel HD 4000 it is an improvement over Intel HD 3000 that's found in current second-generation Sandy Bridge processors. Power consumption is also down under load. They found about the same power usage on low-load operations, but under load they found power usage to be ~30W less. Ivy Bridge is looking to be a good next step for Intel, but not quite enough to warrant an upgrade from a second-generation Sandy Bridge processor. If you're still using a Core 2 system, though, this would be a great upgrade. You can read the full review, including the extensive benchmark results, here