Intel and Micron Enter NAND Flash Memory Agreement

Written by John Ponio    Thursday, 01 March 2012 13:43

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Intel and Micron have entered into an agreement wherein Intel will sell off its shares of two wafer factories to Micron (in exchange for $600 million), and Micron will supply Intel with NAND memory for their SSDs. As a part of this agreement, Micron will also be buying IM Flash Singapore (IMFS) and the IM Flash Technologies (IMFT) assets in Manassas, Va., to increase output of NAND flash memory. Micron Chief Executive Officer Mark Durcan, said, "Micron's joint venture NAND development efforts with Intel are a model of innovation, productivity and effectiveness. With IM Flash and its associated programs, our companies have become leaders in the NAND Flash arena. These new agreements build on that success." So what's this mean for us consumers? Well, not much, really. This deal has to do more with production, so Intel's SSD prices might go down a little, but other than that nothing much should change. You can read the announcement here.