RapidShare Slows Free Downloads to Curb Piracy Influx, but Gives Way Around

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 27 February 2012 15:55

RapidShare Logo

Since MegaUpload was shut down by the FBI, file-sharing websites all around the internet have been going crazy trying to make sure they won't suffer the same fate. Some even shut down completely. Since all of this, RapidShare has seen a substantial increase in free users, with quite a few of them using the website for copyright-infringement purposes (which is a violation of the terms of service). In order to curb the pirates who were using the free options available from RapidShare (as the TorrentFreak article states, it's likely because they want as little as possible linking back to them), RapidShare has started slowing down free downloads to around 30kb/s. But, for honest users who are cooperating with the terms of service, they've provided away around this throttle. If anyone wants to honestly use RapidShare for purposes other than copyright infringement, you only need to provide a few things: "what type of files they’re sharing, the name of the sites and blogs where the download links are getting posted, and the uploader’s email address and telephone number." With this does come with some privacy concerns, however, as it will give RapidShare the right to look through the files you're uploading to make sure nothing is illegal. This throttling/workaround is a smart move from RapidShare. It shows the government that they're actively trying to combat copyright infringement, while at the same time giving honest users a work-around so they can use the service normally. The only problem, however, is privacy. But can anyone reasonably expect anything they put "in the cloud" to be private?