LibreOffice Gains Support from Intel

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 27 February 2012 15:41

Libre Office Logo

LibreOffice, a free program that is meant to replace Microsoft Office, has recently gained support from Intel. Intel's support comes in the form of putting LibreOffice from SUSE in Intel's "AppUp" Center, which is their application store for Intel-processor based devices such as ultrabooks. Dawn Foster, open source community lead at Intel, said, "I have been using LibreOffice from day one for presentations at conferences and for data analysis. Our engineers have worked with the LibreOffice codebase to optimise it for Intel hardware. Adding it to the AppUp(TM) Center is an obvious extension, and will provide an exciting feature for all Ultrabook users." LibreOffice came from a split of management at OpenOffice when certain people thought OpenOffice wasn't going anywhere, innovation-wise. On the poll going on on the announcement page, 79% of just under 1000 people say that LibreOffice does everything they need it to, while 21% said there's no comparison to MS Office.