Adobe Launches Flash Player Sandbox Beta for Firefox

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 07 February 2012 14:40

Adobe Logo

For a while now Adobe has been working on a sandbox for their Flash player, which basically limits its activities to avoid malicious activities and exploits. It's been in the workings for Chrome for a while now, and Adobe is finally launching a beta for Firefox. Part of the announcement read,

"Flash Player will establish a low integrity, highly restricted process that must communicate through a broker to limit its privileged activities. The sandboxed process is restricted with the same job limits and privilege restrictions as the Adobe Reader Protected Mode implementation. Adobe Flash Player Protected Mode for Firefox 4.0 or later will be supported on both Windows Vista and Windows 7. We would like to thank the Mozilla team for assisting us with some of the more challenging browser integration bugs. For Flash Player, this is the next evolutionary step in protecting our customers."

While something needed to be done about the numerous exploits found in Adobe's Flash Player, I wonder how this sandbox will affect performance. I guess that's why there's a beta, though, and hopefully everything will be worked out. If you're a Firefox user and want to get in on this, go here and download the Flash Player Incubator plug-in.