Gigabyte GA-8I955X Royal

Written by John Chen    Thursday, 27 October 2005 11:00
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Gigabyte GA-8I955X Royal
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Although Intel's 955X chipset did not bring much performance improvement over the 925XE, I did find the release quite pleasing.  The major reason is the option of the 1:2 memory divider, allowing the memory to run at insanely high speeds even if the FSB was only overclocked by just a tad.  The second reason is that, to me, I feel the chipset to be more mature and much more stable throughout every day use.  The dual core CPU support is also another good reason why the chipset is good.  While AMD's single and dual core CPUs do bring top notch performance, I would still go with an Intel dual core for my daily multitasking work.  Gaming is just out of the question though; AMD owns that department.  Even though the 955X chipset allows the 1:2 memory divider, not all motherboards provide that option.  The perfect example would be the Abit AW8.  The choice was there, but it would not boot the system no matter what I did.  It just did not work. 

The big 955X motherboard has been the Asus P5WD2.  It allows some of the best overclocking options and headroom and is a great performer.  Their leading competitors certainly won't allow them to strut around being the big honcho.  Gigabyte is here with their 955X solution and ready to see if their motherboard can hang with the current best.