DFI LANParty UT nF3 250Gb

Written by John Chen    Thursday, 10 February 2005 11:00
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DFI LANParty UT nF3 250Gb
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DFI was fairly small and quiet back in the early days.  It was not until a year or so ago that people started recognizing the company.  They broke out into the enthusiast community with their first LANParty motherboard, based on VIA's KT400A chipset.  They quickly continued the LANParty line with Nvidia's nForce2 chipset and eventually branched into Intel motherboards.  The LANParty was a huge hit, not only because it provided possibly the best overclocking results on an overall basis, but because the motherboard offered great voltage options.  It was certainly a huge plus since enthusiasts no longer needed to perform voltage modifications.  The LANParty motherboards were also the first to provide a stunningly high 3.3v to VDIMM.  Everyone, including myself, jumped on the DFI wagon.  

When AMD announced the Athlon64 processor, almost everyone waited anxiously for DFI's LANParty solution.  Almost no one cared about what other companies had to offer.  When beta testing revealed what the board was capable of, everyone dropped their jaws.  The board was expected to be quite the overclocker and turned out exactly as predicted.