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Written by John Chen    Sunday, 27 February 2005 11:00
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Everyone's been talking about Abit's recent lack of effort in supplying good motherboards.  At the beginning of the AMD Athlon64 launch, Abit only showed off a single motherboard solution from VIA, while leading competitors provided multiple solutions from both Nvidia and VIA.  Everyone asked:  Where's Abit's version based on the nForce3?  It was nowhere to be seen.  The rumors of the NF series died down fast.  When the AV8 was announced for Socket 939, the same high demand for an Nvidia solution came back.  Again, enthusiasts received no answers.  We waited and waited and waited and finally gave up on the nForce3 chipset.  Now with the introduction of nForce4, we had hopes that Abit would release something new.  Afterall, they did promise that a Fatal1ty motherboard would be made.  But wait.  What's this board that we see?  NF8?  By golly, Abit continued the NF series with the new NF8.  The board is based on the nForce3 250Gb chipset.  The promise has been fulfilled.  The question now is:  Is it too late? 

With such a late release of the NF8 and the massive move to Socket 939, it'll be tough to stay in the competition.  Abit doesn't worry though.  Socket 754 is still a great and speedy platform and Abit promises that the NF8 will perform, and perform well.  My question is, since their KV8 Pro became such a success, how is the NF8 going to compare to it's cousin motherboard?