Abit KV8 Pro v1.1

Written by John Chen    Sunday, 20 February 2005 11:00
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Abit KV8 Pro v1.1
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Abit is a company that enthusiasts should definitely recognize.  Abit has been known for their excellent overclocking motherboards since the ancient days of Pentium IIs and Celerons.  Their Socket A KT7 motherboard, based on VIA's KT133 chipset, was considered the motherboard closest to perfection.  They continued the trend with the KT7A, KR7A, KX7, and so forth.  Boy, those were the days.  Many argue about the quality of their NF7 series of motherboards.  It went through a total of 4 revisions to fix major bugs and problems.  Some argue that Abit lacked ability in fine tuning a motherboard, while others argue that Abit listens to what the overclockers demand.  Nonetheless, the NF7 v2.0 is a great board, perhaps the best Socket A motherboard, if you know what you're doing. 

As AMD introduced the Athlon64, Abit introduced their first Socket 754 motherboard.  The first one, version 1.0, came with one huge bug--no AGP/PCI locks.  Everyone looked down on Abit for not providing working AGP/PCI locks and turned away for quite some time.  Fortunately, Abit was quick with their revisions and came up with the current version--v1.1.  It provides working AGP/PCI locks to allow for potentially great overclocking results.  While many consider Socket 754 an aging socket, it should still stick around for a while.  Heck, Socket A is still around, so why not Socket 754?