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Written by John Chen    Tuesday, 22 March 2005 11:00
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Conclusion and Thoughts

There you have it. The rundown of the Fatal1ty's performance and overclocking potential is definitely exceptional. While the board lacks great VDIMM options, the BIOS allows other great voltage ranges and many memory adjustments. I'm pretty sure that most of you are interested in the comparison against DFI's Ultra-D, and our review of that motherboard will arrive soon. As for now, the Fatal1ty provides great performance and overclocking headroom for the gamers. The board is free from unused peripherals and provides features that the gamers actually find use for. The OTES RAMFlow is great for cooling memory, but with lacking VDIMM, I didn't find a need for it. If you want better cooling for memory, by all means use it. The OTES for MOSFET's is a great help. It only turns on and exhausts heat when the motherboard senses high temperatures. When on, the fans do put out extra noise, but not enough to put on ear muffs. If I could hardly notice a difference on my testbed next to me, you won't notice anything in a case on the floor. The most attractive part of the motherboard is the fiery red PCB paired with the red LED's. Gamers like to have modded cases and windows to show off internal parts of the system. The motherboard LED's add to the overall effect. Its glow is nothing like a mod you can do inside a case. Pair it with the Corsair Xpert or Crucial Ballistix Tracer memory and you'll have one dazzling gaming system. In the end, despite the lacking VDIMM, the board was awesome. It's definitely the motherboard to use for your gaming rig.


  • Beautiful fiery red PCB
  • Red motherboard LED's
  • Extremely high overclock potential
  • Great BIOS options
  • Good voltage options
  • OTES RAMFlow helps keep memory running cool
  • OTES at the back I/O helps keep MOSFET's running cool and stable
  • Excellent location of nForce4 Ultra chipset


  • VDIMM lacking
  • AudioMax doesn't provide highest onboard sound solution
  • Bad location of floppy connector

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