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Written by John Chen    Tuesday, 22 March 2005 11:00
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As with all other Abit motherboards, the software bundle is rather light. There is only one CD provided, and that's for the motherboard drivers and the Abit uGuru utility. The uGuru utility includes, Abit EQ, FlashMenu, BlackBox, and OC Guru. Abit EQ is Abit's hardware monitoring utility. It provides temperature readouts, voltage lines, and fan RPM speeds. The BlackBox utility is Abit's technical support feature. If you have something wrong with your system and can't figure it out, let BlackBox detect your hardware and send it in to Abit for support. Within 24 hours, Abit will send you a response. The FlashMenu is an in-Windows BIOS flash utility. I generally don't like to use Windows based flashing utilities. If the system becomes unstable under Windows, you're screwed. DOS is still my preferred method. Lastly, the OC Guru is Abit's overclocking on the fly utility. You can overclock you're system without the repeated restart of your system. You can also create profiles for each overclock and link them to a specified program. Let's say that you don't want to overclock when you're doing your typical net surfing and emails; you can set the system to boot with all stock speeds. Then if you want to play your games and want to overclock to get more frames, the OC Guru will do it automatically for you. An example would be that you created a profile with all the overclocking done. Link that to the game you want it to associate with, like Counter-Strike: Source. When you execute the game, the system will be overclocked and ready to go. Neat, huh?