Abit Fatal1ty AN8

Written by John Chen    Tuesday, 22 March 2005 11:00
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Abit Fatal1ty AN8
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I found it a little strange that Abit seemed to be behind in producing quality motherboards as they've done in the past. A couple of months ago, the only motherboard you could find for Socket 754 would be the KV8 series and for the AV8 Socket 939. Well that has changed with Abit's new announcements. To increase the selection for Socket 754, a NV8 with PCI-E will be released. The AX8 and AN8 series increase the options for Socket 939.  

Abit's name has been synonymous with overclocking since the days of the KT7. It's no surprise that they would release a motherboard dedicated to overclocking. Teaming up with professional gamer Johnathan Wendel, Abit dedicated themselves to creating the best gaming motherboard available. The goal was to eliminate all the unnecessary BIOS options and extras that gamers do not use and create the best overclocking board to provide the cutting edge performance. Not many will agree, but the motherboard is actually the most crucial part of a system, in terms of performance and overclocking. There wouldn't be a need for high end memory if your motherboard could not handle high HTT/FSB. There wouldn't be a need for a good CPU stepping because of insufficient VCore. We've had good results with the NF8 and we're hoping to obtain even better results with the Fatal1ty AN8.