Abit AX8

Written by John Chen    Thursday, 19 May 2005 11:00
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Abit AX8
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When we had our look at the Abit Fatal1ty AN8, we were quite pleased with the great performance, overclocking headroom, and the general physical layout of the motherboard.  The motherboard ran flawlessly and gave us no problems whatsoever.  The only annoyance was that the motherboard provided low VDIMM options.  While it did allow some crazy overclocks, it didn't allow low latency lovers to use Winbond BH5 chips, new or old.  The Fatal1ty AN8 is not the only new Socket 939 solution Abit has.  Another offering is the AX8, which features VIA's K8T890 chipset. 

Ever since Nvidia came into the motherboard chipset feud, VIA's popularity as the choice for motherboard chipset started to fade.  They used to be the king with their KT133 and KT266 series.  There are still many enthusiasts out there who are loyal fans.  They strongly believe that VIA provides the best chipset and the best drivers.  Personally, I go with the best performer.  There are times when I strongly recommend a certain component, but I believe in the numbers I see.  With the price of the AX8 so affordable, perhaps this board can be one of the top choices amongst enthusiasts?