Abit AW8

Written by John Chen    Sunday, 28 August 2005 11:00
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Abit AW8
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There is nothing really exciting about the release of the Intel 955X chipset.  The two key points behind the new release are the support for Intel's dual core processors and the ability to run a 1:2 memory divider.  Personally, the memory divider pulls my main interest.  With such a divider, overclocking enthusiasts can really push their high speed DDR2 to the limits.

Asus was pretty much the first to launch a 955X motherboard, which was quickly followed by Gigabyte's Royal solution.  In terms of overclocking, Asus dominated the field.  Word quickly spread and overclockers snatched up the board just for the sake of playing with new hardware, even if they didn't want to step into Intel territory.  Being an Abit fan, I held back my impulse and waited to see what Abit had to offer.

There was not much hype behind the AW8 before its release.  All I heard about was Abit's C19 solution, which was supposed to be their flagship motherboard.  At least that's what I heard and saw from news all over the world.  When the AW8 was released, Abit quickly promoted the motherboard as their best motherboard.  It received a Dolby certification for great audio and used Abit's newest Silent OTES.  The board looked extremely promising to me.  I was more than anxious to lay my hands on the board.