Abit AL8

Written by John Chen    Tuesday, 30 August 2005 11:00
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Abit AL8
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We all know that Abit has been fairly quiet over the past couple of years.  When they finally introduced some new toys, they walked in with plenty of ammo to challenge everyone in the motherboard field.  The Intel side has not been extremely exciting for Abit other than the Fatal1ty AA8XE and the recently reviewed AW8.  Abit fans who want to go the Intel route have been left with very limited options.  That is certainly about to change.

When Intel introduced the 875P and the 865PE, many enthusiasts turned to the 865PE chipset because it was cheaper and provided performance that was on par with the bigger brother, with PAT enabled of course.  What about now?  Everyone has been talking about the 955X chipset, thereby making the release of the 945P seemed non-existent.

Some might think that the 955X chipset motherboards might be a little too expensive for their budget oriented system.  They are right.  955X chipset based motherboards are expensive, but that's because it comes with all the great features and great overclocking headroom.  For those who still want all the great onboard features such as sound, multiple SATA ports, multiple USB ports, and IEEE 1394 ports, Intel has provided a "cheaper" chipset alternative.  That chipset is the 945P.