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Written by John Chen    Saturday, 01 October 2005 11:00
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Motherboard Layout Continued

Obviously, the Fatal1ty AN8 SLI comes with two PCI-E x16 slots for dual video card action.  There are two PCI-E x1 slots available for future add-on cards.  Currently, there's no need for these, but it's always good to have it if you plan to keep the motherboard for a long time.  There are two regular PCI slots for those of you who need to install add-on cards like a wireless NIC.  Below the PCI slots is the 4pin Molex connector.  You must be wondering what this power connector is used for.  With dual video cards running in SLI mode, the video cards will need extra power.  This is where the power connector comes into play.  In between the two PCI-E x16 slots is the location of the SLI key switch.  When running SLI mode, the key must be inserted with the "SLI Mode" showing.  If you're using a single video card, the "Normal Mode" must be showing.

At the back I/O are the two 40mm fans, one IEEE 1394 port, four USB ports, PS2 keyboard and mouse ports, and a single RJ45 jack.  The two 40mm fans can be adjusted in the BIOS.  Don't think that disabling it will cause the fans to turn off; it actually forces the fans to run at full speed.  Underneath the shroud, you can see that the MOSFET's have heatsinks attached.  This is to further help the MOSFET's release heat.  At the bottom right corner are the front I/O connectors.  All the jumpers are nicely color coded and labeled to allow easy installations of appropriate cables.  To the right of the front I/O connectors is the uGuru panel connector.  To the left of the front I/O connectors are the motherboard diagnostic LED's, three additional USB headers for six additional USB ports, and a single IEEE 1394 connector.