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Written by John Chen    Saturday, 01 October 2005 11:00
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Abit Fatal1ty AN8 SLI Package

Abit's Fatal1ty line of motherboards cater towards gamers who need cutting edge performance.  One of the main things that gamers worry about is heat, whether they're overclocking or not.  Because computer parts are so advanced nowadays, the BIOS of the motherboard can be adjusted to force the CPU to slow down the clock speed when temperatures are getting too hot.  With that in mind, the Fatal1ty AN8 SLI comes with a nice bundle to help keep the airflow abundant to help keep things cool.  Included are rounded cables to help reduce airflow restriction to a minimum.  The usual accessories like the SATA cables, instruction manuals, SATA to 4pin Molex connector, and I/O backplate are all included.  The one unique inclusion is the SLIpstream cooler.  Since the board is SLI capable, running two video cards will cause the system heat to rise at a rapid rate, especially if you're using two high end video cards.  The SLIpstream will direct airflow right over the video cards for immediate cooling assistance.  The SLI bridge and SLI switch key are included and come with red PCB to match the fiery red of the Fatal1ty motherboard.

Another great accessory included with the Fatal1ty AN8 SLI is the new uGuru panel, which installs into a free 5.25" drive bay.  The uGuru panel allows front connections for USB and IEEE 1394.  There is also an audio jack and microphone jack for headphones.  The uGuru panel provides information about your CPU speed, voltages, fan speeds, and temperatures.  Personally, I find the great thing about the uGuru panel to be the CMOS clear button.  Overclockers no longer have to open up the side panel to clear the CMOS whenever the system is pushed too far.  Who likes getting on their knees to open theirz side panel, just to clear CMOS?  All the cables are easy to connect and very straightforward.  To make sure that the clear CMOS button works, connect the CMOS cable with the red cable connected to pin 1. 

One cool thing that Abit started doing with their Fatal1ty series is they added a separate daughter sound card.  According to Abit, this reduces noise interference and provides better system performance.  The daughter sound card is powered by the ever popular Realtek ALC850 chipset.  The sound card provides 8 channel surround sound and delivers great sound quality for typical gaming, music, or movies.  For audiophiles, you'll want to upgrade to a better solution.