PQI Turbo PC3200 DPU 1GB Dual Channel Kit

Written by Randy Torio    Monday, 03 January 2005 11:00
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PQI Turbo PC3200 DPU 1GB Dual Channel Kit
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PQI or PMI?  A few years ago, PMI entered the enthusiast memory market, providing all of the distinctive ingredients that constitute high performance memory: mirror-finished copper heatspreaders, good choice of memory chips, aggressive timings, and excellent overclocking potential.  I thought PMI would soon have a strong presence in the market, but they quickly disappeared.  It turns out that PMI merged with PQI to focus more on producing high quality overclocking memory.  Now we are seeing all of those same exact ingredients that make up high performance memory in PQI's products.  They even improved the look of the heatspreaders by adding their own distinctive design, arguably creating the best-looking heatspreaders in the memory market.

Today, we have the honor of reviewing one of PQI's best products of their famous Turbo line: the dual channel PC3200 low latency platinum edition.  Like many of the low latency modules that we have recently reviewed here at InsaneTek, PQI also utilizes the Samsung TCCD chips in their PC3200 Turbo modules.  Whether or not these memory modules separate themselves from the rest of the TCCD pack will be revealed...so read on.