OCZ Value Pro PC2-4200 2GB Dual Channel Kit

Written by John Chen    Tuesday, 20 September 2005 11:00
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OCZ Value Pro PC2-4200 2GB Dual Channel Kit
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DRAM prices are going back up just a bit, but 1GB dual channel kits are still very affordable.  If you are an enthusiast and do not have 1GB of system memory, shame on you.  Every self built computer, gaming computer, or high end workstations should have at least 1GB of system memory.  Windows XP loves it and performs very well with the additional space.  Much like all advancements in technology, having 1GB of system memory will no longer be sufficient in the future.  The rumored specifications for Microsoft's Vista operating system says that it will require 2GB of system memory!  Wowzers! 

Everyone knows that AMD wears the crown when it comes to gaming performance.  There are only a few games available that really take advantage of the increased system memory, i.e., Battlefield 2 and some MMORPG's.  Intel platforms are known to excel at office productivity and multitasking workstations.  These systems really take advantage of increased system memory, hence the need to go to 2GB or more.  What we have here today will be OCZ's 2GB DDR2 Value Pro solution.  It is aimed at budget enthusiasts who need the extra RAM for a smooth ride.