OCZ DDR Booster

Written by John Chen    Monday, 23 August 2004 11:00
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OCZ DDR Booster
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We recently reviewed the OCZ PC4000 Gold memory, which was undoubtedly one of the best performing PC4000+ memory available.  It overclocked extremely well and provided excellent performance.  However, in order to reach the insane overclock, we had to up the juice and give it a good 3v in order for it to start performing.  Most of the motherboards produced today only give enthusiasts the option of VDIMM up to 2.8v-2.9v.  Other than utilizing voltage modifications, there is no way to increase voltage to memory.  OCZ strives to give overclockers a better chance at improving overclocking results.  They have made everyone's dream piece of hardware--the DDR Booster. 

The DDR Booster is a device used to increase voltage to memory without the need to do voltage mods.  This is extremely ideal to those who do not wish to break out the soldering iron and void the motherboard's warranty.  Another extremely appealing feature is the ability to draw power from the 5v rail.  Most motherboards have VDIMM to draw from the 3.3v rail, which is the standard for memory power.  If an overclocker decides to do voltage mods to the motherboard to increase VDIMM, then he would have to raise the 3.3v rail in order to accommodate his needs.  This is where another problem may arise.  In order to raise the 3.3v rail, enthusiasts would have to find a good, stable power supply and mod the power supply so that the rail can be adjusted.  There's more to VDIMM modding than just soldering resistors.  There are numerous factors to keep in mind. 

OCZ's new product takes away most of the factors with voltage modding and makes it nice and simple to increase your FSB.  Did you notice that I said "most"?  You'll see what I mean.