OCZ Platinum PC2-6400 EB 1GB Dual Channel Kit

Written by John Chen    Wednesday, 19 October 2005 11:00
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OCZ Platinum PC2-6400 EB 1GB Dual Channel Kit
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OCZ has been a bit quiet in the DDR2 department lately.  Their DDR2 Gold series is gaining popularity, but the lack of low latencies for hardcore enthusiasts has been causing OCZ to lose their DDR2 reputation to their competitors.  This can be due to the fact that Micron fatbody D9s are a little hard to come by.  Corsair seems to have a big load of them and Mushkin is keeping up with stock here and there.  OCZ, however, has been out of the loop.  I guess it cannot really be considered an extremely bad thing since the DDR2 demand has yet to reach the peak, but Intel users who are also OCZ fans are left out in the dark.  Fortunately for us, OCZ works hard to keep us pleased and now they are back and ready to attack full on with their Platinum DDR2 memory.