OCZ Platinum PC4000 EB 2GB Dual Channel Kit

Written by John Chen    Monday, 17 October 2005 11:00
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OCZ Platinum PC4000 EB 2GB Dual Channel Kit
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It was not too long ago that OCZ released their Gold PC4000 2GB part for the overclocking enthusiasts.  We were more than happy with the results as the UCCC based memory took us to 280MHz quite easily with low voltage.  The trade for that high speed were the loose latencies required.  Enthusiasts did not quite complain but they did mention how it would be nicer to have memory that ran at high speeds but with tighter timings.  Of course, OCZ knows everything we say and want and now they are back with yet another 2GB dual channel solution.  This time the memory comes with tighter timings at a speed of 250MHz.  Tighter timings at 250MHz sounds pretty appealing to me.  Who wouldn't want fast speed with tighter timings? 

The only question now is whether the new platinum 2GB solution can overclock with the tight timings.  It would seem pretty hard to do without increased voltages.  It is common sense that in order to scale higher with tight timings, more voltage is generally needed.  OCZ surprised us all with their Gold PC4000 2GB, so I am already dipping into this Platinum PC4000 EB 2GB with great expectations.