OCZ Platinum PC4800 Elite Edition 1GB Dual Channel Kit

Written by John Chen    Thursday, 04 August 2005 11:00
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OCZ Platinum PC4800 Elite Edition 1GB Dual Channel Kit
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What's the difference between the regular PC4800 memory and the new PC4800 Elite Edition?  It all began when enthusiasts started to realize that OCZ had been using Samsung TCC5 IC's in place of Samsung TCCD IC's.  The main reason why OCZ would do such a thing was not because they wanted to "cheat" anyone out of their money, but rather they wanted to help enthusiasts save on costs.  It is true according to Samsung, that TCC5 is a lower grade chip, however it does not mean that it can not be just as good as TCCD.  OCZ's rigorous and strenuous speed binning procedure will ensure that enthusiasts get the highest quality TCC5 out there.  Unfortunately, there are and always will be enthusiasts who demand to have TCCD, even if TCC5 can perform just as well and come at a lower cost.  OCZ has heard the demand and will begin to provide enthusiasts with TCCD based memory, hence the Platinum PC4800 Elite Edition.

Our sample of the PC4800 was supposed to have TCC5 IC's but we received TCCD instead.  A mistake was made somewhere, but the memory was only able to overclock to 305MHZ max.  The PC5000 DFI Special was TCC5 based and was only able to go as high as 313MHZ max.  From those two sets of modules, it was already evident that quality speed binned TCC5 can perform just as well, and in this case, even better than TCCD.  The new Elite Edition is supposed to be the solution for enthusiasts who beg for TCCD memory.  Is the extra cost going to be worth it?