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Written by Stephen Jimenez    Sunday, 23 January 2005 11:00
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OCZ Platinum PC3200 Rev2 1GB Dual Channel Kit
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Test System and Overclocking

Test System:

  • AMD Athlon64 3200+ Winchester
  • MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum
  • 2 x 512MB OCZ PC3200
  • Visiontek X800 Pro
  • Fortron 530W PSU


Given the rated timings of 2-2-2-5, I first tested how high these modules can scale at such tight timings.  Leaving the voltage at 2.75v, I raised the HTT to 210MHZ.  I then ran Memtest86 test #5 for 45 minutes to check for stability and did not receive any errors.  I raised the HTT to 215MHZ and repeated Memtest.  When I set the HTT to 220MHZ, I ran into errors after the second pass.  I lowered the HTT to 218MHZ and VDIMM to 2.6v, knowing how Samsung ICs prefer lower voltages at certain times, and ran Memtest for 45 minutes without a hiccup.  I then lowered my multiplier to 9x and the HTT to 250MHZ with loosened timings of 2.5-3-3-5 and Memtest ran error free.  I then searched for a max overclock.  Lowering my multiplier to 8x, I found a maximum Memtest stable speed of 275MHZ with timings of 2.5-3-3-7.  Loosening to 3-4-4-8 did not help with overclock results.  When I continued into windows at these speeds, my game tests were all unstable.  Even lowering the multiplier to 7x did not help.  The likely cause of this would be a faulty memory control aboard my processor, which is a well known problem with Winchester CPUs.

Overclocking Results:

  • 200HTT  2.0-2-2-5
  • 218HTT  2.0-2-2-5
  • 250HTT  2.5-3-3-5
  • 275HTT  2.5-3-3-7