OCZ Platinum LE vs EB

Written by John Chen    Tuesday, 05 October 2004 11:00
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OCZ Platinum LE vs EB
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All overclocking enthusiasts know the Winbond BH5, BH6, and CH5 chips have the best overclocking potential and performance.  They're the only chips that allow extra voltage for an increase in frequency, all the while keeping latencies low.  Winbond chips were the hype for the last 6 months, until OCZ introduced their Enhanced Bandwidth memory.  The EB series was introduced partially to take over the Winbond craze.  The memory allowed for fairly low latencies without sacrificing performance.  Not only that, it overclocks extremely well and responds to increased voltage. 

In the beginning, enthusiasts were skeptical about the lack of extremely low latencies and the extra performance it provides.  But like always, Father Time changed their opinions.  The EB can run at latencies of 3-3-2-8 and still provide the performance of the Winbond chips.  Just exactly how that is possible lies within the ICs used and the screening of the chips, as well as the PCB used. 

Unfortunately, all great things come to an end.  Just like the Platinum Limited Edition memory, the EB has been discontinued.  One reason might be that Micron stopped making the chips for EB and forced it to come to an end.  Who knows?  Regardless, this memory is capable of so much more than what it's rated for.  The question now is, which one is better?

Personally, I find that the EB is more favorable.  It allows for higher overclocking potential and requires less voltage.  Today's article will be a fair comparison between these two great sticks of memory.  The OCZ Platinum Limited Edition versus the OCZ Platinum Enhanced Bandwidth.  Both are the same in size, 2x256MB, and both will be supplied with ample voltage to display the high performance they provide.