OCZ Gold PC4000 VX 1GB Dual Channel Kit

Written by Randy Torio    Friday, 18 March 2005 11:00
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OCZ Gold PC4000 VX 1GB Dual Channel Kit
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OCZ and InsaneTek are like two peas in a pod.  They have always managed to send us their latest gear and we continue to be impressed with each new product.  Although they started as a memory company, they have always provided unmatched customer satisfaction with enthusiast-minded products.  They have released innovative products, such as the PowerStream and ModStream power supply line, the OCZ Booster, and the VGA/HDD power leads.  Although their primary focus has been on providing end-users with pure overclocking power, they also have never failed to impress with their implementation of aesthetic appeal.  OCZ has continued to surprise us with their upcoming Titanium line and their introduction of PLL technology.  I am more than excited to see what OCZ has planned for the future. 

Today, OCZ has wowed us again with a much revamped update to their 3200 Voltage Extreme Kit: the OCZ PC4000 VX series.  That's right. OCZ has developed a 2x512MB dual-channel kit that guarantees DDR500 speeds at 2-2-2-5 with a voltage of only 3.3v.  While some of you new to overclocking may see 3.3v as rather high, veterans may recall 2x512MB BH-5 ICs being "hit or miss".  When it came to overclocking these ICs past 250MHZ, it was definitely a gamble, let alone at only 3.3v.  Although OCZ never fails to impress, how will these sticks compare to the current mainstream TCCD sticks that are arguably more convenient to overclock?  Read on...