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Written by John Chen    Tuesday, 19 July 2005 11:00
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OCZ Gold PC3500 GX 1GB Dual Channel Kit
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OCZ Gold PC3500 GX

As usual, the PC3500 GX came in OCZ's signature orange packaging.  The Gold PC3500 GX uses copper heatspreaders with a gold mirror finish, of course.  The unusual thing is that the heatspreaders are the same ones found on the Titanium PC3200.  I actually like these heatspreaders more.  They're a little more curvy and provide a better cover. 

The Gold PC3500 GX is rated for operations of 217MHZ with timings of 2-2-2-5 at 2.8v.  The low voltage rating is outstanding, because not many motherboards provide voltages beyond 2.8v.  Rather than just 200MHZ, the memory can push 217MHZ, providing gamers additional headroom.  A close inspection of the PC3500 GX reveals Winbond UTT IC's.  It's the only available solution that runs low latencies with a low price tag.  Surprisingly, the PC3500 GX only warrants users up to 3.1v.  We all know Winbond UTT is capable of handling more voltage, but this is OCZ's way of playing it safe when it comes to gamers who don't know what they're doing in the BIOS.