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Written by Luke Ponio    Friday, 25 February 2005 11:00
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A series of memory intensive benchmarks will be run to test the performance of our sample.  The following tests will be based on common benchmark programs such as 3DMark.  Real life performance differences will be tested through current games such as Counter-Strike: Source.  Memory bandwidth benchmarks will be based off of SiSoft Sandra, Everest, and Aida32.  Super PI and PiFast will also be used to test memory performance, as the benchmark benefits largely from FSB increases. 

SiSoft Sandra

SiSoft Sandra is the most widely used memory bandwidth test.  It can tell you the increase in performance from just lowering the latency timings.  The results seem to scale linearly, despite the fact that the HyperTransport Bus is different when the overclock increases.


Much like Sandra, Aida32 tests the memory's ability to read and write data in large chunks.  The results are similar to the results in Sandra. 

Everest Home Edition


Everest Home Edition's Memory Benchmarks are similar to Sandra's.

Everest Home Edition also includes a latency benchmark.  The Athlon64's performance with various latencies is also dependent upon its increase in CPU speed.


3DMark is probably the overclocker's favorite benchmark.  Unlike 3DMark2003, which stresses mainly the video card, 3DMark2001SE tests all of the system's main components.  Increasing the CPU speed, memory speed, and video card speeds will result in higher results in the final score.