Gigaram Mach 1000 PC3700 1GB Dual Channel Kit

Written by Stephen Jimenez    Wednesday, 13 July 2005 11:00
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Gigaram Mach 1000 PC3700 1GB Dual Channel Kit
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Gigaram has been around for almost a decade now, yet has little recognition among consumers. Those who do know Gigaram know them for their competitively priced memory. Crowded by other companies, like Corsair and OCZ, in the value memory market, Gigaram has looked to another section of the market to prove itself.

Gigaram's base in the overclocking market is pretty much nonexistent. If you have ever shopped around for some highly overclockable memory, Gigaram has probably never crossed your mind. In the past, Gigaram has not thoroughly pursued the needs of the enthusiast. Their new Mach line of memory is aiming to change that. Gigaram's Mach 1000 line of DDR memory is comprised of models rated up to PC4200. Some models in this series allow up to 3.1 volts without voiding the warranty. Today, we have Gigaram's PC3700 1GB dual channel kit. We'll find out if Gigaram hit their head on the diving board jumping into the overclocking pool.