Corsair XMS TWINX2048-4000PT 2GB Dual Channel Kit

Written by John Chen    Tuesday, 13 December 2005 11:00
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Corsair XMS TWINX2048-4000PT 2GB Dual Channel Kit
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When the 2GB frenzy began, Corsair was one of the first companies to depend on for quality enthusiast memory.  Unlike their competitors, Corsair made their introduction with Infineon ICs.  When I first heard about their PC4400PRO, currently the fastest rated memory on the market, I thought it used Samsung UCCC ICs just like the rest of the other guys.  At the time, Samsung UCCC chips were the only chips that were capable of running high frequencies, albeit loose timings were required.  I was quite surprised to find the use of Infineon chips underneath.  Not only did Corsair use Infineon chips for their PC4400PRO part, they also used it for their PC3500LLPRO.  One part focused on high speeds while the other focused on tight timings.  Unfortunately like all high end enthusiast memory, those two parts also come with a hefty price tag.  Corsair's newest PC4000 part aims to fill in the gap, providing performance at a reasonable cost.