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Written by John Chen    Saturday, 02 April 2005 11:00
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Results Continued

Unreal Tournament 2004

Unreal Tournament is another popular game engine to test overall system performance.  Here, we can see the same results as Far Cry and 3dMark2001.  Like Far Cry, UT2004 was also run at 640x480 to limit GPU dependency.  The other resolutions are to give an approximate of actual gameplay performance.


PCMark is another benchmark created by Futuremark.  It tests the memory compression and decompression speeds in small to large chunks of data.

Super PI

Since the value of PI is an infinite value, Super PI is a speed test to find the digit you're looking for.  In this case, we chose the millionth digit.  Super PI benefits greatly from higher FSB as well as low latencies.


PiFast is similar to Super PI and the results can be greatly affected by a slight adjustment to the memory megahertz and latency.

From the performance charts above, it can be seen that low latencies on DDR2 isn't as beneficial as that of DDR.  Yes it does provide better performance, but it seems that higher DDR2 memory frequencies provide better results.