Centon Advanced A2X512S4400HB 1GB Dual Channel Kit

Written by John Chen    Monday, 24 October 2005 11:00
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Centon Advanced A2X512S4400HB 1GB Dual Channel Kit
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The transition from 1GB to 2GB system memory has begun.  Enthusiasts are moving to 2GB either because they benefit from loading times in Battlefield 2 and MMORPGs or they are preparing for Microsoft's upcoming new Windows operating system.  Rumors have leaked that the Vista will need 2GB of system memory to operate smoothly.  It may say the minimum requirement is 512MB, but we all know that every program you open will lag slower than a snail.  The cost of jumping up to 2GB right now is quite costly.  There are many enthusiasts out there who simply cannot fork out $300 for some good overclocking 2GB kits.  These budget builders are still sitting at the 1GB stage, computing happily in Windows XP and waiting patiently while the newest games load. 

Our last encounter with Centon's Advanced memory was very pleasing.  It used the infamous TCCD ICs and overclocked extremely well.  We had a chance to look at their affordable 2GB solution and it only overclocked decently, losing to the rest of the competition we've looked at.  Hopefully their 1GB PC4400 memory can be a much better overclocker and maybe even out clock their previous TCCD kit.