Centon Advanced A2X512S4000LLU 1GB Dual Channel Kit

Written by John Chen    Thursday, 20 October 2005 11:00
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Centon Advanced A2X512S4000LLU 1GB Dual Channel Kit
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Centon's recent releases have been going in the right direction.  Although their 2GB kit did not overclock so well, it will come with a very affordable price tag.  Their TCCD memory was excellent, providing enthusiasts great overclocking headroom and insane bandwidth.  The Advanced PC3200 2GB solution covered the enthusiasts who look for low latency 2GB kits.  The Advanced PC4400 1GB solution covered the high megahertz and high bandwidth crowd.  There is just one other crowd that Centon has yet to cover. 

Although the hype for Winbond UTT memory is slowing fading, it does not mean that the memory is no longer in high demand.  There are a lot of enthusiasts who swear by running extreme low latencies at high speeds.  They do not care about pumping voltage and have no fear in juicing up the memory to squeeze out every last bit of performance.  These are typically the benchmark gurus who look to break records.  Winbond UTT at a voltage of 3.2v+ is not ideal for every day usage, even with dedicated cooling to the memory modules.  Whatever the case, Centon is here again with another one of their enthusiast memory.