Centon Advanced Gemini PC3200 Low Latency 1GB Dual Channel Kit

Written by John Chen    Friday, 14 January 2005 11:00
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Centon Advanced Gemini PC3200 Low Latency 1GB Dual Channel Kit
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Ever since the announcement of Samsung TCCD memory die, every manufacturer has been jumping on board to get out their own version of low latency DDR memory.  Corsair started it all and the rest of the players followed.  Even the uncommon brands, like PDP and PQI, sprung out with their own sticks of memory.  Thus, it's no surprise to see Centon jump out to compete with the rest of the players.  Never heard of Centon?  Well that's because they've never focused on anything high end that would catch much attention.  Centon is actually a large memory manufacturer and they've been in the memory field for a very long time.  They usually target standard memory that offer more stability and compatibility for low end systems. 

The computer industry is becoming fiercely competitive by the minute, and in order to keep up, Centon was forced to come out with their own version of low latency DDR memory.  Most new low latency memory is the same.  Crucial's PC3200 Ballistix is just totally different memory.  The others however, all use Samsung TCCD die.  Added to that is the use of the same Brainpower PCB.  As far as I know, Kingston's HyperX and Corsair's XMS XL Pro are the only manufacturers that specially design their own memory in house.  Everyone else is the same underneath.  The only difference is the heatspreaders and the sticker labels.  Common sense would be to find the correct combination of Brainpower PCB and Samsung TCCD die that comes with the lowest price tag.  Although the sample that we received today does not use Brainpower PCB, my contact at Centon assured me that all modules for sale will be have a Brainpower PCB.  We've tested many modules here at InsaneTek and many of them have followed the same route of Brainpower PCB and Samsung TCCD die.  Strangely, they don't all perform the same.  Like what I've been trying to tell everyone, Samsung TCCD is not as golden as everyone thinks it is.  Well, we'll just have to see how well Centon's new memory overclocks.